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Wheel Arch Reforming Tool

Wheel Arch Reforming Tool

Type: FR-01

Fender Roller | Reforming Extending Lip Wheel Arch Panel Flaring Former | Wheel Arch Reforming Tool

Designed to slowly ease the wheel arch away allowing for larger wheels to be fitted
Increase tire to wing clearance, flare arches or repair wheel arch collision damage with this professional reforming tool
It bolts directly to the hub flange, with elongated holes in the adapter plate to fit all popular 4 and 5 bolt hubs Adjusts from 14" to 22 3/4"
Roller works on fender from inside wheel well
Fit most cars and light trucks with 4 or 5 lugs
Attached hitch pin allows for wide wheel well
Simply Bolts Directly To The Hub Flange
Pressure Adjustment For Easing Out
Full adjustable arm fit in different space between the wheel hub and inner fender lip
Protect your vehicle from damage when upgrading a larger tire, or installing fender flares
Use for fender collision repair, fender flaring, or to increase fender clearance